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"No high pressure stuff, stress free, very calm, not pushing and it gave us a lot confidence working with you!"
"It was the easiest transaction, escrow closed in 30 days, got a fair price, i was very happy with it, like i said you don't have to fix that's what i wanted too."
"Penny lane is very caring. They don't wanna buy the house just and turn it down, they actually wanted to fix it up!."
"The process was easy, I didn't have to do much. Julie was great and it went real quick!"
"They came out, looked at the house, and bought it in one day. That's what I liked!"
"They were very professional and tolerant and I think they are absolutely wonderful!"
"Calling you was such a blessing. My life is beginning because of you guys."


“Outstanding company. They do what they say they’ll do. Highly recommended."
A. Erez
“Great people, and a great company! I would highly recommend them!"
D. Hamel
“A great team to work with!”
W. Morgan
“Honest and knowledgeable, Penny Lane Equity is a good source for your real estate needs.”
J. Johnson
“The speed with which you bought my house was phenomenal! I'm so glad I found you guys and am very happy with the service I received. I will be recommending you.”
M. Sud
“These guys are so awesome to work with! Thank you for walking the talk all the way! Truly impressed. They conduct business with integrity and utmost professionalism. I highly recommend them to anyone considering working with them.”
W. Kim
“Bill Morgan is fair, honest and stays true to his word to do everything he can to make the sale of your property work out well for all concerned. He takes pride in the properties he buys and improves them making them a lovely, safe part of the neighborhood. He stands by with his team of experts ready for consulting on any issues that arise. He will get things done in an expediant manor. If you choose to entrust Bill Morgan for the sale of your property you will be in good hands and come out much better monetarily than you could with another buyer. I am glad I made the call to Bill Morgan properties!!! "
S. Gaddini