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How to Relocate Fast with Cash Buyers

How to Relocate Fast with Cash Buyers

Whether you are needing to relocate because of a job or just need a change, you are probably dreading the lengthy and complicated process. Selling your house is going to take some time, but what if we told you that it didn’t have to? 
Stop panicking, Penny Lane Home Buyers has got you covered. We are cash buyers and we will explain all about what we do. If you’ve never heard of cash buyers, or you have, but you are skeptical, then you’ll want to keep reading. 

What Is a Cash Buyer?

A cash buyer is someone who purchases houses quickly for cash. They buy as is, which means you don’t have to make any repairs or renovations; it isn’t necessary. When you are needing to sell fast, a cash buyer is a good option to make it happen. A cash buyer can get you the funds in a short seven days, and help you get out of your house and into a new one as quickly as possible. 

Why Sell to a Cash Buyer?

Moving in a hurry is hard, especially if you have a mortgage. If you are needing to get out right away because of a new job or family situation, the one thing holding you back is probably the most expensive thing you own; your house. 

Most people are not in the situation to go out and buy a second house. Unfortunately, selling your house is not a short process either. Here are some of the things you have to do to get your house sold.

Repair your house
Remodel your house
Stage the house
Find an agent to sell your house
Sell your house by owner
Have the house appraised
Photograph house
List house on the market 
Find a qualified buyer
Wait for the house to close

This lengthy process will take months for your house to sell; just prepping your house alone can take weeks, and it can also be very costly. Finding an interested buyer can take even more time. 

Benefits of Selling to a Cash Buyer

No repairs, sell as is
No staging the house
No realtor fees
No need to list your house on the market
We purchase as is 
Quick closing process
Cash in your hands in seven days

A cash buyer gets you the money in a fast seven days. This will allow you to finance your new house that you are needing to move into in a hurry. No need to cram your family into a small apartment and be locked into a contract. We will get you the funds you need so that you can purchase your next house when you want to.  

If you have any questions, feel free to contact Penny Lane Home Buyers today at 805-250-4520. We would love to help you get out of your house and get you on your way to relocating!

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